Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Peculiar Migrations of Objects

I didn't really give it a second thought, when I told The Small One to "Just leave them there for now." She'd been sorting out her room ( for an 8 year old, I suppose that's worthy of note in itself ) and had found a couple of things she thought should go to the charity shop. Of course, they stayed exactly where she left them, and I only noticed days later how Papa Smurf was eyeing up Cinderella.

I've always been quite fascinated by the way random objects can frequently end up in interesting arrangements. Some things seem to migrate, through various mechanisms, towards each other. This often  happens through the process of "temporarily" putting things down until you can find a better place for them. Of course, it's not long before they're "temporarily" joined by other bits and pieces. As this process continues over time, and the individual items are shoved and shifted, it can lead to the emergence of vaguely aesthetic, usually quite surreal, displays. This is especially true when there are children around.  The Small One, by randomly discarding various items in her menagerie of fluffy creatures, or some of her collection of small humanoid effigies, often contributes to this phenomenon.

Somehow, Jessie from Toy Story seems quite sinister as a bride, lurking in the shadows.

This chap made himself comfortable on the arm of the sofa, remaining that way for some time after Halloween

I just kept catching the glint in the eye of this one. It was removed once the photo had been taken.

Barbie seems to have had a terrible accident. Probably shouldn't have gone naked scooter riding.

Those years in which I did the photo-a-day challenges, I often turned to everyday objects to fill my quota. I think 2011 was a classic year for the "Things on my shelves" series! 
It seemed an easy option, especially during the dark, winter months, but I found that I could end up spending ages playing with different angles, lighting or lenses. 

Sometimes I would grab whatever was close by, re-arrange them slightly and snap a couple of quick shots. I've also been known to spend hours in Photoshop making more outlandish creations based on whatever is to hand. 

But, what I really like is when chance has done it all for me, when I suddenly notice a meeting of objects, like Papa Smurf and Cinderella, that just calls out to be recorded without needing any other interference from me. 


  1. Great pictures!
    The doll with the glint in her eye looks much like one that I had as a child. I never saw her as creepy, but this picture might change my mind about that!

    1. I think if you get them in the right light, just about any doll can look a bit creepy!