Saturday, 27 September 2014

Let The Blogging Begin

Never been sure about blogging.  I hesitate to add my rambling piles of data to a digital world already awash with plenty of self-indulgent nonsense. Of course, there are those blogs and websites that have proved useful, educational or inspirational. I'm not sure mine will reflect any of those particular qualities!  Part of me thinks I should just pick up pen and paper and write, in the old fashion way. Wouldn't that be better?  Well, anyone who's seen my handwriting would probably agree that, no, it's not. There's no point pouring out endless scribble if that's all it remains - illegible scribble.  Also, I suspect that what I want to do most of the time is use photos as a starting point for my ramblings, so I'm rather interested in the multi-media aspect of this medium.

I've been thinking for some time that I should try to write more around the photos I take. Images, generally, should speak for themselves, but I find filling out the story with words can be interesting. I started trying to do this when I started a Photo-A-Day project at the start of this year. I think I got as far as May. Maybe it was a bit ambitious to take a photo a day and write something meaningful to go with every shot. I'll try something a little less intensive this time maybe.

In the past I have written diaries or journals but my resolve usually fizzles out, or is at least intermittent. Now, wherever I go I have some sort of communication device - phone or tablet. This should mean I write more...right?

We'll see.

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