Sunday, 28 September 2014

Chlorine...Vile Chlorine!

Haven't been out to take my photo for the day yet. I have however been swimming, in a swimming pool. This is something I haven't done for many years. I swam on holiday, but that was all outdoors and I've never been a fan of indoor pools. Chlorine, vile chlorine. Trying to write this, even with the correct glasses on, is still giving me grief - stingy eyes!   And, granddaughter no.1 knackered me as I tried to keep up with her. I have no idea which side of the family has porpoise in its blood, but there's no stopping her when she's in the water.

As a kid I was similar. When I was little we lived in Barry and had the massive outdoor pool at Cold Knap, now sadly gone. One of my favourite things to do there was to struggle down to the bottom of the deep end, which was, I think, a good 15 feet deep, and watch people diving in from the highest diving board. It was always amusing to see if swimming costumes were lost or displaced by the impact.  I think I jumped off the high board once, just the once. 

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The only indoor pool I remember fondly is the old Empire Pool in Cardiff, again now sadly gone. That was a fantastic building. Built in the 50's when Cardiff hosted the Commonwealth games. It was demolished in 1998 to make way for the stadium.

Photo: the people's collection Wales 

There was just something wonderful about being under that massive high ceiling. Everything echoed brilliantly, the noise of voices and water bouncing and blending into a unique sound in the vast space. It was built to take a huge audience, but I only remember the rows and rows of empty seats watching the proceedings.

Anyway, better stop now and rest my chlorinated eyes.

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